New Cooling Towers, Repairs & Maintenance, Parts Supply



Who we are

AmertechTowerServices, LLC. (ATS) is an industrial wet cooling tower original equipment manufacturer and service company. Founded in 2002, we focus on heavy duty field erected cooling towers used in power generation, refining, petrochemical, pulp &paper, steel manufacturing and various other industrial applications. Corporate offices are located in New Jersey. We design and execute cooling tower projects in our central engineering offices located in Tampa, Florida. To provide prompt and professional service to our clients, we employ a team of technical experts and experienced construction staff members located in strategic locations across the United States. The collective experience of our staff in the cooling tower industry is an astounding 400+ years and includes successful project experience with contract values as high as $50MUSD.

What we do

The mission of our company is to help our clients obtain cost effective solutions to their cooling tower equipment needs or operational problems. Whether you are building a new plant or simply need to maintain or improve your existing equipment, ATS will provide an engineered solution that will enhance your plant’s operations. You will not find another cooling tower contractor with more competitive pricing or a better track record of completing their projects safely, on time and with the quality you expect.

Our product portfolio includes both crossflow and counterflow cooling tower designs employing the latest available technology and components. In addition to the design, supply and erection of new or replacement cooling towers, we also perform numerous aftermarket services including condition assessments, preventive maintenance, vibration analysis, component replacement, structural conversions, thermal performance upgrades and spare parts. These products and services are performed on all types of field erected cooling towers regardless of design or original manufacturer. This includes mechanical draft, forced draft or natural draft designs.

How we do it

When you need cooling tower work or service, AmertechTowerServices is the place you should call. We will dispatch one of our Regional Technical Managers to help assess your situation and to offer strategies for maintenance, repair or replacement of your cooling tower that will meet your plant’s needs and within your constraints; be they budget, schedule or other constraints. In other words, no one knows your plants and your requirements better than you; we match our abilities with those needs.

Once it is time to do the work, our team of experienced project managers, designers and construction management staff will meet with you to work out the details of how we can best work within your facility. We will staff the project with workers that have been properly trained and equipped to get the job done with as little impact on your facility as possible. When it is all complete our project manager will review the work with you to ensure your satisfaction and that your cooling tower will function as designed.