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All field erected cooling towers are large important pieces of equipment in modern industrial facilities. Keeping them safe for operating and maintenance personnel is a very important task.

Maintenance and operations activities all require personnel to gain access to elevated work platforms by way of various types of ladders and stairs. Here at ATS, we believe that keeping personnel safe is of primary importance and we can help you keep your cooling towers safe.

Accidental injury or death occurring on cooling towers can be caused by a number of factors including poorly designed or installed components, loose structural connections, wood decay, corroded hardware, split components, missing guard rails and many others. Let ATS help you identify these situations before they cause an accident at your facility. Call us today and one of our Regional Technical Managers will be dispatched to perform a safety audit of the cooling towers at your facility. After their review, our design and engineering team can help you make certain that your cooling tower access ladders and stairs meet current codes and most of all, help protect your personnel.

We offer the most competitive pricing

The close relationships that we have with many component suppliers have enabled us to obtain some of the best discounts available. We then pass on that value and savings to our clients. This means you can buy parts from us at better prices than going direct to the component OEM.