New Cooling Towers, Repairs & Maintenance, Parts Supply



Cooling tower erection or repair requires specialized knowledge and skills to ensure that the work is done safely and with the quality that you expect. ATS has that knowledge and experience.

We begin with top notch supervision and skilled craftsmen that are accustomed to not only working in industrial environments but in the special circumstances surrounded cooling tower work which is inherently dangerous. We then make certain that all workers are properly trained. Our training programs include work practices, use of tools and equipment, our safety programs and your safety programs.

Our construction philosophy is simple but effective; bring the right people, bring enough of them, train them well, get the job done right the first time and do it safely. With these principles, your work will get done timely, safely and with no need for rework. You will not be wasting time on our projects and can get on with other things.

Call ATS today and we will share our references with you for projects similar to work you are contemplating at your plant.

We offer the most competitive pricing

The close relationships that we have with many component suppliers have enabled us to obtain some of the best discounts available. We then pass on that value and savings to our clients. This means you can buy parts from us at better prices than going direct to the component OEM.