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Performance Shortfall

We all know that the thermal design of an industrial cooling tower is critically important to the output of the plant it is serving.

Assuming an adequate thermal design for the cooling tower when it was originally built, the cooling tower thermal efficiency will begin to deteriorate after it is placed in operation. In the early life of the cooling tower, the deterioration is barely noticeable. Over time, many events and conditions that negatively affect the cooling tower’s thermal capability start to occur resulting in reduced plant output or increased auxiliary power requirements.

There are many things that can contribute to a thermal performance shortfall in your cooling tower, some more serious than others. For film filled cooling towers, fouling of the fill media and possibly the water distribution system (due to high TSS conditions) are the usual culprits for large losses of thermal performance. For crossflow towers, fill media collapse or problems in the hot water basins are the common problems. In both cases, the fill media is the most important and there are numerous products available that can be employed but generally there is usually one best choice for your cooling tower.

If the plant output is restricted due to a “thermally under-designed” cooling tower then we can help with that as well. This is actually a quite common problem and if you need to rectify it, an extension cell or cells is the answer.

Call us today to arrange for a visit from one of our Regional Technical Managers. They can help you determine the right fill media that suits your operation the best and to help you develop the plans for your cooling tower.

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