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Fill Fouling

Is your plant output limited by cooling water temperatures, especially in the hotter months of the year? If so, the fill media in your cooling tower may be fouled.

Film fills can be very effective filters and if the TSS levels in your circulating water are higher than expected by the original cooling tower designer; or, if certain oils, greases or hydrocarbons are present, you probably have this problem. Read on for actions you may need to take to return your cooling tower’s thermal performance to acceptable levels.

Unfortunately, once a film fill is fouled there is very little chance of cleaning it effectively and replacement of the fill media is usually necessary. The decision to replace is one that should not be delayed as fouled fill media not only loses thermal capability but can put your cooling tower at structural risk.

So, the question the becomes, what media should be used to reduce the potential for future fouling and to maintain optimal thermal performance from the cooling tower. There are many different types of fill media available today and you may need some help determining the proper media for your fill replacement project. The various products available have different flute configurations, fill sheet configurations, fill sheet thicknesses, materials of construction and operating temperature limitations; a complex decision to say the least. Additionally, consideration of hybrid types of fill also enter into the picture. If you find yourself in this unfortunate position, call us today and have one of our Regional Technical Managers make a site visit to help you determine the best product available for your application. Our goal is always to help you repair or modify your cooling tower to add reliability to your plant’s operations.

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