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Cooling Tower

Structural Components

Field Erected Industrial Cooling Towers are constructed from various materials including preservative treated lumber and plywood, glass fiber reinforced pultrusions, steel and even reinforced concrete. Not matter which material you are dealing with, ATS can help fulfill your needs.

Lumber and Plywood

For many years, most large field erected industrial cooling towers in the United States were constructed with timber frames (Redwood or Douglas Fir) many of which are still in existence today. If you are contemplating repairs for your cooling tower using one of these materials, ATS can help you obtain the material with the proper grade and preservative treatment suitable for cooling tower applications; all in compliance with Cooling Technology Institute standards.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Pultrusions

Due primarily to the limited supply of premium grades of lumber, the cooling tower industry has developed pultruded fiberglass as an alternate structural material. ATS supplies pultruded fiberglass in polyester and vinyl resins and in various shapes and configurations. These materials are also available in commercial lumber dimensions which makes conversion of timber structures to fiberglass a valid option for most cooling tower applications. If you want to minimize maintenance costs associated with timber structures, this is definitely the material of choice.


When it comes to hardware (bolts, nuts, washers) and other structural connectors. Again, ATS can meet your needs. Whether your hardware requirements are as simple as 304 stainless steel or as specialized as super duplex, ATS can fulfill your needs for these and everything in between at very competitive prices.

Call us today and let our Regional Technical Managers help you determine the right structural materials for your job and keep your tower running smoothly and reliably.

We offer the most competitive pricing

The close relationships that we have with many component suppliers have enabled us to obtain some of the best discounts available. We then pass on that value and savings to our clients. This means you can buy parts from us at better prices than going direct to the component OEM.