New Cooling Towers, Repairs & Maintenance, Parts Supply



AmertechTowerServices, LLC. Can provide a tailored cooling tower maintenance agreements program for your plants cooling tower(s).

Our service offerings are designed to help facilities meet their operational goals, leveraging field expertise and unique technologies to deliver key results for your business.

Protect Your Investment

Our Maintenance service agreements (MSAs) provide the field service, labor, parts and repairs necessary for equipment maintenance while protecting your investment and minimizing your costs. MSAs can be structured to include planned and unplanned maintenance events. You can distribute the cost of maintenance uniformly. With our MSA, you get firm priced repairs and maintenance with no surprises.

A Complete Solution for Your Needs

Our MSAs are tailored to meet the unique characteristics of your operations. We offer MSAs designed specifically for plants operations.

Top Quality Service

Proper maintenance keeps your cooling towers running smoother longer, and reduces downtime and repair time. With our MSA, you put your equipment in the hands of the people who know it best. We are committed to delivering the highest quality services available in the industry. Our service solutions are built on our unique experiences extended to field maintenance.

Our comprehensive coverage for your cooling towers includes:

  • On-site technical support
  • Planned Maintenance Intervals
  • Corrective maintenance and unscheduled repairs
  • Inspections
  • Spare Parts Management

We offer the most competitive pricing

The close relationships that we have with many component suppliers have enabled us to obtain some of the best discounts available. We then pass on that value and savings to our clients. This means you can buy parts from us at better prices than going direct to the component OEM.