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Our experienced cooling tower technicians can help you determine the real condition of the various parts of your cooling tower as well as a strategy for keeping your cooling tower in optimum operating condition.

Tech Topics

Get ahead of the real cooling tower curve today, we have some examples that can affect your plants’ operation.


When your cooling tower was originally designed, it was an “engineered” product with input from several disciplines: civil, structural, thermal, electrical and mechanical.

"We are in a short outage with a tight work schedule. These individuals are to be commended for their attention to detail, hard work, and tenacity. They have exemplified ownership in this project to the extent that they have honored your company as a leader in Cooling Tower Service. I have worked for many years in the power and oil refining industry and on numerous projects with many contractors. These individuals are of the highest quality and standards. Their character and integrity have deeply impressed me and I would always request their attendance at future outages and overhauls. In addition they have respected the name of Amertech Tower services in my eyes."

"Your crew has far exceeded my expectations"

"Thank you for providing men of this quality! "

"Everything turned out good and the crew was great to work with"

The collective experience of our staff in the cooling tower industry is an astounding 400+ years

"Your crew has far exceeded my expectations and if possible I would like to request that we get them back out here next year for Unit 2 Cooling Tower Rebuild. They were great to work with, very self-sufficient, communicated great and were willing to help out wherever needed."

"I just wanted to reach out to you both about how happy we are with the work that the crew did here. They did a great job, the tower was left tidy and they left the break trailer spotless. The work that they did and their cleanliness was noticed by many others as well, not just myself. I look forward to working with Amertech in the future."

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