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Many field erected industrial cooling towers in existence today are constructed of timber/wooden frames.

In fact, there are still more wooden framed cooling towers in existence than any other kind of field erected cooling towers. If you have one of these in your plant, you likely need help identifying any wood decay and developing plans for repair.

Wood decay comes in basically two forms: decay caused by microorganisms that love to eat cellulose and chemical attack that dissolves lignin, the material that binds cellulose fibers together. Either type can render your cooling tower in a serious condition up to and including complete structural failure.

Special techniques are necessary to properly identify the type of decay and its extent or risk to your cooling tower. You need a trained inspector that has specialized knowledge of the various types of decay and how to remedy the type found in your cooling tower. If your current inspectors are using terms like “rotten wood” then they are not the right inspectors. ATS Regional Technical Managers are experienced in identifying the various types of decay and what to do about it. Call us today for a site visit where we help you assess the reliability of your cooling tower’s structure and how to extend the serviceability of the tower.

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