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Nozzle Failure &

Other Water Distribution Problems

One of the keys to maintaining optimal thermal performance from your cooling tower is to maintain even water distribution over the heat transfer media of the cooling tower.

While this is true for both crossflow and counterflow cooling towers, it is of special importance in the counterflow film filled cooling tower design. In this type of tower, the vast majority of the heat transfer is accomplished in a relatively short vertical distance, usually somewhere between four to six feet. When there are problems with water distribution in this type of tower, re-distribution is simply not going to occur as it would in a typical splash filled tower. And, of course, when water is not evenly distributed over the fill media, air will bypass the more heavily loaded area which in turn leads to further mal-distribution of the water.

So, what contributes to water distribution problems. Heavy solids in the circulating water system can lead to plugged piping and nozzles. Weak lateral to header connections can fail under high pressure or vacuum situations as well. Incorrectly placed nozzles are also a problem. By far the most common issue is nozzle failure and when they fail, fill media damage occurs. And when all of this happens, thermal performance is negatively affected.

To help its customers resolve this thermal performance reliability issue, ATS has improved the design of a commonly used nozzle known colloquially as the “French Sprayer”. The improved design involves the connection of the splash plate to the nozzle body which makes it virtually indestructible in normal cooling tower use.

No matter what your water distribution problem and no matter what type of cooling tower you own or operate, call ATS today to schedule a visit by one of our Regional Technical Managers. They can help you keep the water evenly and effectively distributed in your cooling tower.

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