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Fill Failure

Crossflow cooling towers are generally pretty reliable when it comes to maintaining consistent levels of thermal performance.

However, there are a few conditions that can start to chip away at thermal performance resulting in reduced plant output. The primary cause of this deterioration is splash bar fill collapse.

The splash bars in a crossflow cooling tower are supported by a wire grid of some type (steel, plastic or fiberglass) which in turn is supported by a beam, wood, fiberglass or reinforced concrete. The wire grid is attached to the beam typically by a plastic fastener/support. When any of the support components fail, the splash bars in turn fail. Most often, this occurs in the outer bays of the tower as they are subject to the heaviest water loads, UV attack, wind pressure and heavy loads due to ice formation. Whatever the reason, once splash bars start to collapse, not only is splash surface area decreased but water migration begins with the result being a reduction in thermal performance.

If your crossflow cooling tower is limiting your plant’s production, call us today and we will send one of our Regional Technical Managers to make a condition assessment and to help you get your cooling tower back to peak performance levels.

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