New Cooling Towers

(New 10 Cell Cooling Tower in Construction Phase)

AmertechTowerServices, LLC (ATS) coordinates the resources, processes and technologies to deliver state of the art Cooling Towers. Whether your cooling tower is brand new or a replacement, you can expect safe, efficient, and reliable solutions. Our background and experience in the industry makes us the single, go-to source for new cooling towers, cooling tower construction, parts and service. And you’ll find that our prices are among the most competitive in the industry.

New Cooling Towers

Types: Counterflow or Crossflow

Structure: FRP or Wood

Custom Design & Project Requirements (Partial)– Schedule, Wood to FRP, Existing Basin, Size Limitations, Thermal Conditions, Noise.

Standard Parts

While other Cooling Tower OEMs supply “proprietary” parts, AmertechTowerServices prides itself on supplying standard cooling tower parts. AmertechTowerServices parts/components are easy to source when needed and reasonably priced. “Proprietary” parts are not only very expensive to purchase due to the fact that they can only be “sole sourced” to a single OEM, but leadtimes are traditionally longer as well.