Scientists call hyperboloids “wet cooling towers” because they use evaporative cooling. Dry cooling towers use other methods to cool water and return it to its source. You can also find other types of cooling towers that provide heating, ventilation and air conditioning cooling for schools, office buildings, hotels and similar establishments. It’s important to disinfect cooling tower water, because bacteria can breed there. Legionella, which is responsible for Legionnaires’ disease, find cooling towers ideal environments in which to propagate.At Amertech Tower we understands the importance of assuring the mist that is transferred into the air is clean and free of pollutants that can effect health. We are the experts in diagnosing and rectifying issues that expose your cooling tower to environmental issues.Call us now! 732-389-2200

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How Does a Cooling Tower Work? | eHow
Fly over a large, hyperboloid cooling tower and you’ll see mist clouds floating from its top. A hyperboloid is the 3-dimensional shape that forms when you revolve a…