Cooling Tower Mechanical Equipment Changeout

2011-11-01 11.29.41Whether it is a replacement fan blade or a complete mechanical equipment change out ATS can help.

Mechanical Equipment:

What to look for: Corrosion

Where to look: fan hubs, hub covers, blade clamps, blades, gear reducers, drive shafts, motors and the mechanical equipment frames Fans – Blade angles (pitch), tip clearance and tracking should all be checked on a regular basis.

MechanicalChangeoutGear Box – check oil level and for excess play at the input and output shafts (excess play provides evidence of gear and bearing wear), Make sure the outside of the case is free from excessive deposits which may inhibit cooling. Check all hardware connecting the gear box to the support is tight and in good condition.

Drive Shafts – alignment should be checked on a regular basis (insert link to drive shaft part). Check flex elements and hubs for damage and replace hardware if missing.

Mechanical equipment supports – monitor the condition structural members below the frame and those which are supporting the frame. These members support the mechanical loads (weight and fan thrust).

Fan stacks – replace missing or corroded seam or anchor hardware. Check inside of stack for fan blade rubbing and adjust the tip clearance if necessary. Check fiberglass panels for fraying or mat exposure, as these are replacement indicators. Holes in the fan stack beneath the fan cause air to bypass the fill.