Cooling Tower Gearbox

We can provide several types of cooling tower gearboxes. We offer our clients the option of replacing it with an exact duplicate, or another OEM cooling tower gearbox.

Cooling Tower Gearbox We can provide several types of cooling tower gearboxes regardless of the type of existing gearbox.For example, the “A” Series right angle gear drives for cooling towers from Amarillo Gear are designed as direct replacements for the Marley Cooling Tower line of right angle drives. Since there are no differences in the critical mounting dimensions, the “A” Series will make gear drive replacements easy. Gear housing foot patterns are identical, eliminating expensive tower gear drive support modifications.


AmertechTowerServices (ATS) can also provide cooling tower gearbox rebuilds and spare parts like gear sets, bearings, seals, among others.


AmertechTowerServices (ATS) has an seclusive agreement to distribute oil that lasts 3 times the normal cooling tower gearbox, saving money, time and hazardous waste disposal. Please call to discuss this revolutionary product.


When it is time to replace your existing cooling tower gearbox and install a new one, trust ATS to provide those turnkey services.


Below is a partial list of Gearbox brands we can supply :

  • Marley Cooling Tower
  • SPX
  • Amarillo Gear Company
  • Sumitomo
  • Philadelphia Gear
  • Westec


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