Cooling Tower Casing and Siding


The cooling tower casing is a commonly overlooked and under appreciated component of the counter-flow cooling tower. The cooling tower casing is an important structure that keeps water within the confines of the cold water collection basin.

Cooling Tower CasingFor towers which do not have a louver system, the siding orientation (horizontal or vertical) is critical. Vertical cooling tower siding allows the water to stream down and at the air inlet these streamers splash outside the basin. In colder climates, this water freezes and becomes a safety hazard. This loss of water increases the amount of make-up needed for the tower.


Weights – 8oz., 12oz. and heavier based upon request
Standard GRP or fire-retardant
Profiles – Corrugated or V-beam

Partition Walls (Transverse and Longitudinal)
Holes in partition walls can impact tower performance by enabling air to by-pass the fill. Holes in the windwalls can allow for excessive splashout and lead to the problems discussed in the cooling tower casing section.

Cooling Tower Casing and Siding